Builders FirstSource in South Dakota


With ten locations across the state (three in the Black Hills area and seven East River), we are able to leverage the size of the Builders FirstSource organization while relying on local, homegrown talent to deliver superior service.

Our stores are comprised of knowledgeable and professional building experts that have a vested interest in the communities in which we serve. One of our company’s core values is upholding a customer-driven focus that develops strong, lasting relationships. These relationships are cultivated by applying tried and true South Dakota values including hard work and exhibiting integrity in everything we do.

Your success means our success, and with that mindset we are grateful to work with both contractors and homeowners to deliver high-quality building products at a great value.

Together we look for win/win opportunities to ensure a prosperous future for South Dakota throughout our communities.



The Story of the Builders FirstSource Company


Builders FirstSource is driven by the desire to provide professional class building materials and services to homebuilders and remodelers across the country.

In the 1990’s, the building materials industry changed significantly. Homebuilders grew by acquisition, creating large national competitors. Building materials manufacturers also consolidated. It was inevitable that the building material supply industry, the companies between the consolidating manufacturers and consolidating homebuilders, must consolidate as well. Builders FirstSource was born from this industry evolution.

In March 1998, the Company’s management team, with the backing of JLL Partners, a private investment firm with significant committed capital, made its first acquisition. Builders FirstSource continued to grow through a combination of strategic acquisitions and internal expansion. Between 1998 and the beginning of 2015, we acquired and integrated thirty-three companies. In June 2005, Builders FirstSource completed an initial public offering of its common stock, after which JLL Partners maintained a significant investment in the company.  

On July 31, 2015, Builders FirstSource acquired its largest competitor, ProBuild Holdings LLC, creating a more diversified company with enhanced scale and improved geographic footprint. The combined company, on a pro forma basis, generated over $6 billion in annual revenue in 2015 and currently operates approximately 400 locations in 40 states, with a market presence in 74 of the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the United States.

Builders FirstSource strives to be the preferred supplier of structural building materials and services to homebuilders and remodelers across the nation by giving them both personalized attention at the local level and a wide range of resources only offered by a large company.

Builders FirstSource’s goal is to provide outstanding products and services to every customer, regardless of size.