Building Materials Right Where and When You Need Them

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The right products, at the right prices, at the right places, all at the right time. That is what you can count on in working with Builders FirstSource. Each of our ten South Dakota locations offers on-site delivery, many times at a low cost or no cost at all, depending on your quantity of materials and the distance required for delivery.

In addition to materials delivery, our equipment is also professional grade to make your life easier, such as setting trusses right where your equipment can pick them up to set them, or placing your shingle bundles exactly where you need them on the roof to avoid hauling them up and down scaffolding.

Our business is to ensure you are satisfied, and that we have done all that we can to deliver the best products with the best service. Through timely on-site product delivery, we seek to differentiate ourselves as someone that is working for your success.

Real-Time Delivery Confirmations

With the new, My BFS Builder, you can view upcoming deliveries in addition to receiving real-time notifications when your materials are delivered, including photos from the drop-off.


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